Let’s get acquainted!

About us

Let’s get acquainted!

We are NGO Resource Center for Children and Teenagers “Charodim”.

We are parents, psychologists and teachers consolidated to support children and teens in modern galloping World, to help them believe in themselves, to find their own way and to learn how to collaborate with others. “Charodim” offers a lot of interesting and useful activities for kids and young people. But our help is not only for kids. We also consult parents on child development, education, study and leisure arrangements.

We create different opportunities for children to enjoy useful recreation, to learn more about themselves, their health, their rights, to form their self-confidence and to teach them how to resist advertising and propaganda influence.

We enjoy our work in Resource Center in Kyiv at Podil, as well as in parks, forests, museums and other educational institutions that are ready to cooperate with us.

Get involved with our workshops, studios, lectures, and meetings! It’s always lots of fun with us!


Our slogans are:


Listen to your feelings. What do you want, what do you miss, what do you aspire, who are you, what can you share with others.


Be courageous, trust yourself, rest if you need or change your direction.


Be understanding, cooperative with others, value moments of your life, just live.


Our values are:


We enjoy the process. The result is just a nice bonus.


We are open to the dialogue and accept different ideas. We like to work this way!


We believe in mutual development. If you improve yourself, we do too!


We do not estimate. We support you on the chosen way.


Our team

        Tetiana Sanina

Head, co-founder of NGO RCCT Charodim, manager, researcher of informal education prospects, family mediator.

        Hanna Usova

Deputy head, co-founder of NGO RCCT Charodim, Family education development director, teens supervisor and tutor, education counselor.

        Marina Kaftan

Educational and media development director, co-author of programs, journalist, designer and teacher of media literacy and project work courses

        Valentyna Barladym,

Teacher, special needs teacher, supervisor of Medius group, author of leisure groups and events.

        Antonina Savchuk

Teacher, supervisor and author of art, music and folklore programs and events.

        Dmytro Usov

STEM tutor, teacher of technical disciplines course and engineering art.

         Denis Korol’

Humanities teacher, author and tutor of Culture festivals, author and designer of educational and entertaining events, games and clubs.

         Bob Skinner

Actor, stage director, TV presenter, "English Through Drama" coach

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